A blend of heritage, nature, and Hollywood's riviera

The tapestry of time

At the heart of Rocabella lies a tale as captivating as the villa itself. This enchanting estate traces its roots to the visionary foresight of an avant-garde entrepreneur, Jules Paitin. Having tasted immense success through groundbreaking advancements in metallurgy during the late 19th century, Paitin felt a calling to redirect the narrative of his life.

His vision was clear: to conceive a haven that resonated with elegance,warmth, and a profound communion with nature. Empress Eugenie's most admired architect, Hans-Georg Tersling, was entrusted with this mission. Spellbound by the mesmerizing seascape of Le Pradet, Tersling crafted an estate that wove together the grandeur of neoclassical design with the passion of romantic architecture.

The result was an embodiment of Paitin's dream — a bold and inviting sanctuary that stood as a testament to timeless beauty and ambition.

Hollywood's Riviera

If Rocabella strikes a chord of familiarity, it's no surprise. Our majestic estate has been the canvas for myriad movie masterpieces. Nestled amidst pristine coves, cerulean waters, historic wonders, and verdant pine forests, Rocabella encapsulates the very charm that makes Var a film maker's dream.

Recently, our halls and landscapes graced the silver screen in Downton Abbey II (2022). Our villa's unique aura has framed iconic moments in French movies such as Un Homme idéal (2014), Les estivants (2018),L’homme qui avait vendu sa peau (2019) and The Origin of Evil by Sébastien Marnier (2022).

Built to marry privacy with professional requirements, the estate is fully equipped to cater to film productions, ensuring a seamless experience.Dreaming of capturing Rocabella's essence in your next movie project? We invite you to explore this cinematic wonder with us.

Roca Cup to support sport excellence and sustainability

Since 2022, Rocabella has proudly supported the Roca Cup, a sporting event that deeply resonates with our values of commitment to ocean protection, environmental sustainability, and equality of opportunity. Our sponsorship of the Roca Cup for its second consecutive edition in 2023 underscores our dedication to these ideals, and we are honored to support a competition that promotes innovation and excellence in the field of Wingfoil.

The Roca Cup is not just a sporting event; it's a platform that highlights the importance of marine preservation and encourages environmentally friendly practices while fostering the spirit of equal opportunity among participants.

The competition attracts the world's top athletes, united by their passion for Wingfoil and their respect for the sea. By supporting this event, Rocabella reaffirms its commitment to investing in initiatives that share our aspirations for a greener and fairer future.

Stewardship of nature and sea

Embracing the Mediterranean's embrace, Rocabella recognizes its responsibility to the fragile marine ecosystems surrounding it. Proudly aligned with the Port-Cros National Park, Europe's grandest marine park, our commitment to ecological preservation is unwavering. We proudly host seminars championing sustainable development and climate transition.

Standing alongside The Marine Conservation Institute based in Seattle, we are jointly engaged in the mission to guard marine biodiversity, endorsing sustainable fishing, and educating the masses about the ocean's profound significance.
Our initiatives extend to collaborating with WWF for whale conservation in the Mediterranean and biodiversity projects.
Indulge in a luxurious getaway while reducing your carbon footprint.

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