Where productivity meets tranquility

Experience the charm and luxury of our exclusive french villas, designed to make your stay unforgettable.

 Where productivity meets tranquility

Choosing Rocabella is not just about picking a seminar location; it's about ensuring an enriching experience, where every detail, from the venue to the food, is meticulously curated just for you. Make the smart choice for your team.

Focus on what truly matters!

Step away from the hustle and bustle and find inspiration amidst Rocabella's serene nature. Picture this: a workspace nestled in the heart of unspoiled landscapes, where you're surrounded by the beauty of nature, ensuring both motivation and relaxation. Rocabella provides a haven for you to delve deep into your projects, away from everyday distractions.

Intelligent spaces

Our spaces, from the cozy library to the grand hall, are designed to boost creativity and teamwork. Rocabella offers everything, including advanced tech for smooth meetings. Interested in expert speakers for your event? We'll connect you.

Memorable moments

At Rocabella, balance work with fun through activities that build teamwork. Start with a sea cave exploration or visit fishing villages. Choose from laser games or historic tours in Porquerolles Island. We tailor dynamic itineraries to your preferences.

Make Rocabella yours

Choose Rocabella for your seminar to reserve an experience, not just a venue. With 24 unique rooms, each featuring private bathrooms, you'll have access to our extensive estate, including a pool, jacuzzi, and Roca Nautique. Enjoy fine Mediterranean cuisine from our chef, using organic garden ingredients and regional wines.

Every moment at Rocabella felt like a dream. From the serene sea views to the impeccable service, it's truly a slice of Mediterranean heaven. Can't wait to return!
Giorgio B.
Attending a corporate seminar at Rocabella was a unique experience. The blend of business and leisure, with the Mediterranean as a backdrop, made for a productive yet relaxing trip. Highly recommended for companies looking for an upscale retreat.
Grace L.
Washington D.C.



Roca Nautic

Dive into the Ultimate Maritime Adventure

Dive into kitesurfing, scuba diving, paddleboarding, or snorkeling to uncover the Mediterranean's beauty, both underwater and from the shore. Or embark on curated boat excursions to experience Europe's Crown Jewel Bay's beauty and history.

The terrace

A Culinary Experience Awaits

Our French Chef combines tradition with innovation, using local ingredients to create Provence's culinary essence. Enjoy dining with panoramic sea views — a gastronomic journey celebrating the French Riviera's essence.

Roca Wellness

Your Sanctuary of Serenity

Every day at Rocabella is an invitation to rejuvenate. Dive into a variety of wellness activities, from yoga to Gi Gong sessions, complemented by soul-soothing traditional massages.

Discover your dream vacation today

Experience the luxury of french villas and create unforgettable memories