The story of an extraordinary place

Rocabella was born from the vision of an iconoclastic entrepreneur. During the last decade of the
19th century, a certain Jules Patin relied on technological innovations in metallurgy to achieve a
dazzling industrial breakthrough. In 1897, he decided it was time to give a new meaning to his life
and dedicated himself to build an exceptional place combining elegance and nature. For his project,
he chose Hans-Georg Tersling, princess Eugenie’s favourite architect. Translating the vision of the
French entrepreneur, the Danish architect built in 1899 a place that is both neoclassical and
romantic, giving the estate its bold and warm character.
Throughout the first half of the 20th century, Rocabella became a popular avant-garde literary and
artistic salon. After the Second World War, the estate took an unexpected new direction and was
transformed into a vacation center for children. A place of fun and happy memories, Rocabella
became an unforgettable destination linked to sea activities.
At the turn of 2000, the interior architect Patrice Nourissat fell in love with the place and undertook
remarkable artistic work to restore the large historic Villa and its gardens.

Since 2020, JB Rudelle, a serial French Tech entrepreneur, has taken over Rocabella. The objective is
to combine this exceptional leisure destination with the original pioneering spirit of its founder. In
addition to its traditional touristic activities, the place now also hosts many professional seminars on
entrepreneurship and sustainable development.
Thanks to a massive investment, major renovation work has been undertaken to provide modern
comfort with an ecological spirit.
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Photo archive de la villa
Pierre Niney


The Cinema

Rocabella sounds familiar?
You may have already seen one of the many movies filmed here!
If the Riviera is so popular in the film industry, it is no coincidence. Secret creaks, transparent blue
water, nearby islands, but also historical sites and a nature of magnificent pines… All these elements
are all at Rocabella in a single place!
The special atmosphere of the Villa has made it the perfect setting for many shootings, for more than
a dozen of French films. Recently, two new releases put Rocabella in the spotlight:
Downton Abbey II (released 27 th April, 2022)
The Origin of Evil by Sebastien Marnier (released 2 nd November, 2022)

The whole site has been designed to ensure the privacy and professionalism for the shootings. The
estate is equipped with all facilities for production crews, such as a 160-amp electrical outlet.
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The Roca Cup

With its commitment to the sea and water sports, Rocabella is the main sponsor of the Roca Cup, the
first French competition for eco-responsible Wing Foil.
Initiated by enthusiasts of Wing Foil, this new discipline combining sliding and aerial acrobatics, the
Roca Cup is a competition focused both on nature and respect for diversity, all in a festive and
friendly spirit. This competition is open to men and women with, for the best, a strict equality on the
rewards. It is also an eco-committed competition which aims to actively participate in the
preservation of the environment over its various editions.
The first edition of the Roca Cup, a real celebration of Wing Foil, was scheduled from April 8 to 10,
2022, in the presence of the world's best competitors in the discipline. The program for these 3 days:
border-cross, demo, entertainment, awareness of ecology and environmental preservation in the
Rocabella spirit.

Affiche de la Roca Cup


Ecological transition and protection of the sea

Located in the heart of the Port-Cros National Park, the largest marine park in Europe, Rocabella is
very sensitive to the protection of marine ecosystems.
Rocabella regularly produces seminars on sustainable development and climate transition, in
association with Zenon, a fund dedicated to climate transition, which finances a team of scientists on
sustainable development and the sea. It also supports WWF initiatives for the protection of whales in
the Mediterranean and projects on biodiversity in small islands (SMILO).

Vue sur la mer méditéranée