The unusual history of an unusual place

La Rocabella was born from the vision of an iconoclastic entrepreneur.

In the last decade of the 19th century, a certain Jules Pétin used technological innovations in metallurgy to achieve a dazzling industrial breakthrough. In 1897, he decided that it was time to give a new meaning to his life.

From then on, he wanted to devote himself to building an exceptional place that combined elegance, conviviality and communion with nature. He entrusted his project to Empress Eugenie’s favourite architect, the Dane Hans-Georg Tersling. The latter literally fell in love with the exceptional site overlooking the sea in the commune of Le Pradet. Translating the entrepreneur’s vision, the Dane designed an architecture that was both neoclassical and romantic, giving the estate its bold and warm character.

Photo archive de la villa
Pierre Niney



Does La Rocabella look familiar?

Perhaps you have already seen one of the many films shot here!

It is no coincidence that the Var is so popular with the cinema. Inaccessible coves, clear blue water, nearby islands, but also historical sites and a beautiful pine forest… All these elements are combined in La Rocabella in one place!

The special atmosphere of the Villa has made it the perfect backdrop for many film shoots, including Un Homme idéal (2014), Les estivants (2018), L’homme qui avait vendu sa peau (2019). More recently, two film releases largely feature the Rocabella:

Downton Abbey II (release 27 April 2022)

The Origin of Evil by Sébastien Marnier (release November 2, 2022)

The entire site has been designed to ensure privacy and professionalism for filming. The estate is equipped with facilities to facilitate the reception of productions, such as a 160 amp electrical outlet equipped with a MARECHAL® socket.

Do you have a film project and are you thinking of Rocabella? Contact us and come and visit the site.


Roca Cup

As part of its commitment to the sea and water sports, Rocabella is the main sponsor of the Roca Cup, the first French eco-responsible Wing Foil competition.

Initiated by enthusiasts of this new discipline combining gliding and aerial acrobatics, the Roca Cup is a competition focused on both nature and respect for diversity, all in a festive and friendly spirit. This competition is open to men and women, with strict equality of reward for the best. It is also an eco-committed competition that aims to actively participate in the preservation of the environment throughout its various editions.

The first edition of the Roca Cup, a true celebration of Wing Foil, has been scheduled for 8 to 10 April 2022, with the presence of the world’s best in the discipline. On the programme for these three days: border-cross, demos, activities, awareness of ecology and environmental preservation in the Rocabella spirit.

Affiche de la Roca Cup


Ecological transition and protection of the sea

Located in an area associated with the Port-Cros National Park, the largest marine park in Europe, La Rocabella is very sensitive to the protection of marine ecosystems. The estate has received the Esprit Parc label to underline its commitment to a sustainable ecological approach.

La Rocabella hosts seminars on sustainable development and climate transition.  The estate is associated with the Blue endowment fund on climate transition, which finances a team of scientists on sustainable development and the sea. Projects funded include Earthship Sisters, an incubator for women entrepreneurs on marine-related projects. It also supports WWF initiatives for the protection of whales in the Mediterranean and projects on biodiversity in small islands (SMILO).

Vue sur la mer méditéranée